28 septembre 2011

Faulkner s’amuse (suite)

Dans sa monographie de John Held, Jr., Illustrator or the Jazz Age, s’appuyant sur un article de Thomas Ince, Shelley Armitage confirme mon intuition sur l’intérêt soutenu de Faulkner pour Held*.
« As Thomas Inge has demonstrated in an article on Faulkner and the funnies, no less an admirer and imitator than William Faulkner emulated Held’s blockprint and more fluid cartoon styles, finding in this visual form, with its ability to capture the energy of dance and music and its satiric and detached point of view, a lingering influence on his own fiction. Indeed, Held’s imitators were many, but in the case of Faulkner, one can see the recognition of Held’s archetypal power. »

* voir billet du 11 septembre.

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