11 avril 2012

Jeu de jambes

 Miguel Covarrubias

Dans sa biographie de Ralph Barton, The Last Dandy, Bruce Kellner évoque son jeune confrère mexicain à propos de sa rivalité avec John Held, Jr. : « The only genuine competition Barton and Held ever had came in the mid-twenties when the Mexican caricaturist Miguel Covarrubias burst into immediate popularity; his formal training gave his rosy figures a substantial quality entirely his own. » 

John Held, Jr.

Shelley Armitage, dans sa biographie de Held, Illustrator of The Jazz Age, les associe aussi : « As a humorist, Held addressed the major topics of the 1920s. Together with two other Jazz Age catoonists, Ralph Barton and Miguel Covarrubias, Held covered the range of pertinent Jazz Age topics: entertainment, the collège phenomenon, life in the great metropolis, and the nuances of social circumstances, with an occasional moral or religious accent. » 

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